Another brief look at Japan

Hat-tip to Exit Games UK for finding the Nazotomo site, which seems to be an aggregator for user-contributed reviews of live puzzle events or “real games” across Japan.

(The site has listings for events by other companies, including the genre giants SCRAP, but it’s actually run by Nazotomo Cafe — part of Namco, as in Japanese entertainment giant Bandai Namco. Nazotomo Cafe operates, well, cafes: you show up, “order” a room from their selection, and have 765 seconds in which to clear it, as their handy intro video shows.)

Some observations:

– The genre does seem to be event-heavy: the listings are of events, and the About page talks about the genre as comprising events rather than rooms. Also interesting is the framing of these “real games” as “puzzle-solving events” — a clear indication of the extent to which the genre has evolved beyond escaping.

– Their tagging system gives a little insight into how players might think about such games. Practically all events are classified as “puzzle-solving”, but some also have “logic” or “treasure-finding” aspects. Then there’s the “booking-type” versus “anytime” (or “walk-in”, perhaps) distinction.

– There are a few free events, which seem like a nice way to get beginners interested in the genre. One was held at an IT festival, another was run by a university lab, and one by an airport!

Personally, I find the existence of an industry-wide aggregator run by a specific company interesting in its own right! I can’t see the same being done in the Singapore market, say.

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